About the National Space Grant Foundation

The National Space Grant Foundation (www.spacegrant.org) is a non-profit organization with a network of 850+ colleges, universities, museums, planetariums, laboratories, etc., and all 52 State and Territory Space Grant Consortia in the USA, as well as NASA charged with inspiring the “next generation” to pursue education, research and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and space related endeavors. Established in 1988 to "inspire the next generation of explorers," Space Grant has evolved into a powerful national grassroots educational network that significantly contributes to developing America’s critical STEM and space related students and workforce of tomorrow. The NSGF network of over 22,000 educators annually reaching over 400,000 pre-college students has resulted in over 6,300 college students receiving space grant funding, with 84% of them remaining in STEM related fields.