Donate to the Iowa Space Grant Consortium
Donate to the Iowa Space Grant Consortium

Donate to the Iowa Space Grant Consortium

The NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium's (ISGC) mission is to promote opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines in pursuits aligned with NASA’s mission, through stimulating research, education, and outreach programs for all Iowans.

ISGC focuses on three major strategic areas for Iowa engagement in the NASA mission. The three are:

  • Strategic Area 1:  Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships
  • Strategic Area 2:  Mission Directorate Projects
  • Strategic Area 3:  Competitively Awarded Projects

Through our partnerships, the Consortium facilitates and encourages cooperative programs among universities, aerospace industry, government, and non-profit agencies to support the NASA mission for all ages of Iowans. ISGC funding for grants and projects is allocated through our affiliates and reaches thousands of Iowans of all ages with the NASA mission for education, research, industry, and informing the public. Throughout all its programs, the Consortium emphasizes training professionals, especially women and underrepresented minority populations, for STEM careers in areas of importance to NASA and to Iowa; and to enrich our citizens and support our state’s economic development. Your generous donation of any amount will be used to provide more opportunities and inspire more students to join the ranks of STEM and Space related students and professionals in the future.

The Iowa Space Grant Consortium
Iowa State University
1234 Howe Hall
537 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 50011

The National Space Grant Foundation is a 501(c)3 Corporation.  The Foundation Tax ID number is 52-2288711 

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