Science Art Fusion Bubbles
The Young Scientists Club

Science Art Fusion Bubbles

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STEAM INSPIRED (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)
This kit on Bubbles is a member of our Science-Art Fusion series which combines art and science to inspire creativity while at the same time introducing basic scientific concepts. We have included a unique Science-Art Fusion poster that has the instructions for each project placed in a framed space which can be covered by taping a photo of your final art piece to create a Bubble Art Gallery. Each kit comes with a customized art/science tray, introduction sheet, large 24 x 24 inch poster, and components to perform 10 exciting experiments and activities such as making a lava lamp in a test tube, forming bubble foam, blowing funnel bubbles, creating bubble sculptures, using bubble paint, shaping bubble slime, and more. Embark on an exciting Science-Art Fusion Bubbles adventure!

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