Science Art Fusion Explosions
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Science Art Fusion Explosions

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STEAM INSPIRED (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)
This kit on Explosions is a member of our Science-Art Fusion series which combines art and science to inspire creativity while at the same time introducing basic scientific concepts. We have included a unique Science-Art Fusion poster that has the instructions for each project placed in a framed space which can be covered by taping a photo of your final art piece to create a Explosions Art Gallery. Each kit comes with a customized art/science tray, introduction sheet, large 24 x 24 inch poster, and components to perform 10 exciting experiments and activities such as creating fizz tablet explosions, test tube explosions, volcanic explosions, milk color explosions, paint explosions, rainbow explosions, and more. Embark on an exciting Science-Art Fusion Explosions adventure!

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